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The International Union of Food Science and Technology

The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is the global scientific organization for food science and technology supporting programmes and projects to increase the safety and security of the world’s food supply.  IUFoST is a not for profit country member organization, each country represented by its national food science organisation. IUFoST is one of 31 Unions worldwide elected to full membership in the International Council for Science (ICSU) and IUFoST represents food science and technology to other world bodies.

With over 65 member countries, four regional groupings EFFoST in Europe, WAAFoST in Africa, FIFSTA in Asia and ALACCTA in Latin America and representing more than 300,000 food scientists and technologists worldwide, IUFoST is the world voice of food science and technology.

IUFoST aims to strengthen food science and technology’s role in helping secure the world’s food supply and eliminate world hunger by delivering programs such as distance education, workshops and integrated food systems targeted to these needs.

IUFoST’s Mission

The IUFoST Mission is to promote international co-operation and information exchange, to provide education and training to food scientists and technologists around the world and to promote professionalism and profession organisation among food scientists and technologists.

Aims and Objectives

Promotion of the safety and quality of all foods

Reduction of physical and nutritional losses in the food value chain

Adaptation and improvement of traditional foods and processes, while respecting the traditional, ethical, cultural and religious aspects involved

Beneficial application of science and technology

Development and dissemination of improved knowledge of food composition

Facilitation of domestic and international food trade

Development of food materials with improved functionality

More efficient and environmentally sustainable food production, processing and packaging

Education in nutrition, food science and technology at all levels