Young Scientists' Workshop

Wednesday, August 24th, 14:00-15:25
Hall 3


Mary Anne Augustin, CSIRO, Australia;
Dietrich Knorr, Berlin University of Technology, Germany


This young scientist workshop on sustainability of the food supply chain aims to involve young scientists to discuss ideas and concepts for improving food sustainability via reduction of food loss and waste. This discussion will attempt to increase the awareness of consumers and young scientists towards sustainability attempts to worldwide exchange of ideas and concepts for regional or global reduction of food losses and wastes.


Discussion groups led by the young scientist award winners will center around three key questions:

  • • What science and leadership should be developed for future careers in food sustainability science

  • • Which key food loss or waste examples can be identified for a specific region or world wide

  • • Which food science ideas and concepts can be developed to reduce, reuse and convert food loss and waste

It is planned that a summary document provided by the young scientist will be presented to the general assembly of IUFoST.

Elsevier Author Workshop

Tuesday, August 23rd, 11:35-13:00
Hall 6


You are invited to attend an author workshop on “Navigating the Publishing Maze – Challenges and Opportunities” on Tuesday 23 August in Hall 2, from 11:35-13:00. The first part of the workshop will include advice and guidance on how to choose the right scientific journal for your article; insight into why editors accept (or reject) papers; how to construct a research paper; an overview of the review process; and understanding the importance of ethical issues. The second part will consider ways to share and promote your research once you’ve been published. The content of the workshop will benefit both early career and established researchers.