Food science and technology is a critical part of ensuring the health and wellbeing of people around the world and is essential to resolving food safety and sustainability challenges now and in the future.

How that happens is unique to each country – even right down to communities within each country. The IUFoST Food Science and Technology Video Competition is your chance to tell the story of the positive impact of food science in your region, country and/or community.


Who can enter?

Any student over 18. Note that more than one person can work on the video(s) and/or groups can enter, but only one prize will be awarded per video.


Your video(s) will be judged by a global panel of Food Science &Technology (FS&T) experts, so make sure that they focus on:

• Content – your video should emphasize the central role of FS&T in improving food-related issues in your area, such as, but not limited to, increasing longevity, sustainability and alleviating hunger through better food choices or production; enhancing nutrition; cutting down on food waste and food losses; providing education to those who do not know the importance of the discipline to their general health and wellbeing; FS&T along the food chain; and the impact of emerging technology

• Production value – high resolution images and sound are important to getting your message across, so make sure that your content is not undermined by poor production elements

• Creativity - Your video could be a panorama of FS&T in action, a vignette, animation, a rap, original movie, poetry, or music. It can be black and white or colour. Have fun with it and let your imagination soar.


What are the prizes?

• One (1) Grand Prize winner: $1000.00, (USD) plus a full screening during the IUFoST 2016 World Congress and formal announcement of the winning entry.

• Three (3) Finalists: $500 (USD) each

• Five (5) Semi-finalists: $100 (USD) each

• Honourable mentions: Copy of 2016 IUFoST Congress’ Plenary speakers’ book (Mike Gibney): ‘Ever seen a fat fox - human obesity explored’.


What’s the deadline?

Email to IUFoST a link to your video by July 5, 2016.


How do I enter the Competition?

Click here to read the competition rules. Be sure to follow them to avoid disqualification.

Once you have perfected your video, send an email to with the Subject VIDEO CONTEST. The email must include a link to a video storage service which has your video (Eg. Drop Box, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.). IUFoST will upload your video from your storage site.




When will finalists be announced?

Contestants will be notified before public announcement of the winners. Winners will be publically acknowledged during the IUFoST 2016 World Congress: Aug 21-25, Dublin, Ireland.