Innovation in Food Quality and Processing

Board#Paper#SurnameFirstnamePoster Title
1 883 Man Phan Van Effect of wall material on the property of Gac Oil spray-dried power and shelf-life of product storage
2 399 Márquez Mayra Spray-Dried Microencapsulation Of Orange Essential Oil Using Modified Rice Starch As Wall Material.
3 1488 Marra Francesco FoodMC: A European COST Action on Food Modeling
4 1492 Marra Francesco Acid Diffusion and Texture Changes in Raw, Steamed, and Pickled Red Beets during in Vitro Gastric Digestion
5 256 Martin Diana Ana Belen Effects of atmospheric cold plasma (ACP) treatment as emerging technology on the extension of shelflife of fresh  mackerel (Scomber scombrus)  fillets
6 1109 Mccarthy Gemma Investigating the effect of an organic acid mixture in combination with high pressure processing on spoilage microorganisms and pathogens during chilled vacuum-packaged of salt reduced frankfurters
7 1457 McCarthy Noel Effects of calcium chelating salts on the functionality of milk protein concentrate
8 1163 Mcelhinney Cormac Colour, pH and sensory characteristics of longissimus muscle from grass-fed, concentrate-fed or grass silage and concentrate-fed heifers
9 1118 McManamon Oisin Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes growth on lettuce through application of the bacteriocin Nisin.
10 705 McSweeney Matthew An assessment of aromas present in hops grown in Nova Scotia, Canada
11 312 Meinlschmidt Pia Impact of thermal processing of lupin milk on the texture and network of respective lupin yogurt alternatives
13 5 Melo-Ruiz Virginia Acceptance of Escamoles ant eggs Liometopum apiculatum M by different processes.
14 6 Melo-Ruiz Virginia Preservation of Escamoles ant eggs Liometopum apiculatum M edible insects by different techniques
15 1032 Meng Xiangpeng Proof of concept development of an innovative indicator based on chitosan/food dye conjugate for carbon dioxide indication
16 1013 Mennah-Govela Yamile Antioxidant Bioaccessibility of Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice and Orange Juice from Concentrate after Thermal and Non-Thermal Processing
17 481 Mercer Don IUFoST International Workshops
18 482 Mercer Don Enhancing the Availability of Food Science & Technology Information
19 483 Mercer Don Mango Processing Workshops in St. Kitts and Nevis
20 50 Messina Valeria Effect of different freeze drying cycle in Semimembranous and Gluteus Medius bovine muscles for instant meal applying image analysis technique
21 152 Miraballes Marcelo Exploring consumer perception of yerba mate packaging using Sorting Task technique and external preference mapping
22 562 Moon BoKyung Change of Biogenic Amines in Doenjang at Various Cooking Conditions
23 630 Moon Kwang-Deog Effect of different cereals processing methods on antioxidant activity and in vitro starch hydrolysis
24 411 Morales-Castro Juliana Physicochemical characteristics of red beet juice (Beta vulgaris L.)  processed with a membrane filtration  system
25 1067 Moran Lara Determination of 4-Hydroxyproline in total and soluble collagen fractions of meat using ultra-performance liquid chromatographic tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS)
26 1190 Moreno Fabian Leonardo Comparison between partial and total block freeze-concentration of coffee extract
27 1027 Mori Daisuke Monitoring crystallization behavior and evaluating morphological crystal of hydrogenated coconut oil by using ultrasonic technique
28 573 Mulkyte Kristina Antibacterial activity evaluation and technological characterization of nisin producing L. lactis strains
29 858 Munoz Loreto Correlating the structure and in vitro digestion viscosity of mucilage from chia seeds.
30 289 Nam Hwa-Hyun Subcritical Water Extraction of Anthocyanin from Chokeberry and Blueberry
31 287 Nam Hwa-Hyun Optimization of Subcritical Water Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Orostachys japonicus
32 680 Namhong Tosporn Characterization of Sweet Potatoes Varieties Grown in
Ayutthaya Province Thailand
33 1081 NARAIN NARENDRA Volatile constituents of cabbage as influenced by Hot Air and Freeze Drying
34 1307 Nava-Arenas Deni Application of modified atmosphere packing for the conservation of sensory and functional  quality of edible flowers.
35 1313 Nava-Arenas Deni Optimization of extraction conditions of phenolic compounds and anthocyanins of edible begonias (Begonia x thuberhybrida) by Taguchi orthogonal array methodology and their antioxidant activity.
36 1520 Nedeljković Nataša Rheological properties of wheat bran as fat replacers
37 1312 Ngadi Michael Retention and Stability of tocopherols, tocotrienols and carotenoids in French fries during deep-fat frying in palm oil and blends
38 846 Nian Yingqun Quality of beef from young dairy bulls from three muscles and at two ages
39 1207 Noorul-Syuhada Mohd Razali Antioxidant active packaging and the oxidative stability of cooked chicken
40 1236 Nunes Maria Lúcia Development and Characterization of lyophilized crab meat products
41 1187 O Neill Ciara Application of response surface methodology for the development of low-salt hams using high pressure processing and organic acids as hurdles
42 684 Odongo Nicanor Food safety and hygiene knowledge and practices among camel milk handlers along the pastoral value chain in Kenya
43 230 Ogundele Opeolu Effects of micronisation and dehulling of pre-soaked bambara groundnut seeds on microstructure and functionality of the resulting flours
44 1402 Ojha Shikha Investigating the influence of Lactobacillus sakei culture and ultrasound processing on quality of beef jerky
45 1204 Olivares Araceli Sodium Alginate microencapsulation: Viscosity effect over viability of probiotics.
46 1274 Oliveira Wellington Beet and carrot wholemeal in instant noodle
47 1283 Oliveira Wellington Chemical composition, anthocyanins and total phenolic content of Jabuticaba Sabara (Myrciaria jabuticaba) jam
48 796 Omar Adel Effects of food processing methods on camel milk
49 111 Orellana Patricio Vacuum-assisted freeze concentration applied to orange juice
50 566 Oueslati Khaled Effect of antioxidants on free radical’s production in transformed meat during cooking and storage
51 96 Oyeyinka Samson Enhancing the industrial potential of bambara starch through complexation with fatty acids using high pressure homogenization
52 1456 Özdikicierler Onur Ultrasound Applications in Oils and Fats Industry
53 1129 Ozgur Aylin The Effect of Ultrasound Pre-Treatment on the Dietary Fibre Production from Sugar Beet Pulp
54 484 Pablos Cristina Prevention of Salmonella growth in raw pork meat by integrating an easy operation UV-C tunnel into the food processing line
55 1277 Paniagua INGRID Use of high power ultrasound and supercritical fluids for microbial inactivation of cured ham samples
56 1276 Paniagua INGRID Effect on the quality attributes of orange juice using a continuous flow ultrasound-assisted supercritical CO2  system
57 1270 Panikuttira Bhavya Development of PAT tools using guided microwave spectroscopy and chemometrics for meat and dairy processing applications
58 302 PARK KYUHWAN Synthesis of amylose nanoparticles through the self-assembly of dextrins from Waxy Maize Starch
59 1146 Park Jae Hyung Optimum fermentation condition for rice sourdough (Jeung-pyun) by using commercial rice wine (makgeolli)
60 1051 Park Jae Hyung Different microbial pre-cultures affect the organoleptic qualities of Korean traditional rice sourdough (Jeung-pyun)
61 949 Park Ji-young Physicochemical and structural properties of native and resistant starch isolated from rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.) with different amylose contents
62 1047 Park Kihwan Rheological Properties of Texture Modified Rice and Grain at Different Mixing Ratio
63 819 Park Jiwoon Effects of Xanthan gum on Rheological Properties and Bioaccessibility of β-carotene Contained Filled Hydrogel
64 1364 Park Sung Jin Stability of vitamin D-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers in simulated gastrointestinal conditions
65 1408 Park Youn-Je Antioxidant and Anticancer Activity of Mixed Vegetable Extract with Extrusion Process
66 1454 Park Cheon-Seok Physicochemical properties of enzymatically modified waxy rice starch treated amylosucrase of Deinococcus geothermalis
67 756 Paulsen Erika Effect of storage temperature on quality parameters of ready-to-eat broccoli florets packaged in modified atmosphere
68 600 PEREIRA CELEIDE Surface Response Methodology Applied to Verify the Ice Crystal Size Distribution in Diet Strawberry Ice Cream Formulations of Added Enzymes Lactase and Transglutaminase
69 1483 Pešić Mirjana Support of the TRAFOON project to the traditional food producers and processors in Serbia
70 956 Piñeiro Lorena Changes in biochemical and rheological parameters during ripening of Afuega’l Pitu cheese. Effect of relative humidity and airflow rate.
71 1447 Pittia Paola Understanding the colloidal properties of espresso coffee
72 1167 Ports Pollyane Profile of phenolic compounds in Acmella oleracea from the Brazilian Amazonian
73 1164 Ports Pollyane Antioxidant capacity in Mammea americana from the brazilian amazonian
74 1191 Ports Pollyane Spray drying of Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense) ethanolic extract
75 1196 Ports Pollyane Effect of process variables of spray drying in closed loop on bioactive compounds of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts
76 1162 Ports Pollyane Analysis of phenolic compounds presents in Mammea Americana pulp from the brazilian amazonian
77 1181 Ports Pollyane Microwave assisted extraction of anthocyanins and total phenolic compounds in bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)
78 1152 Ports Pollyane The effects of solvents on the phenolic contents and antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of atemoya
79 1185 Ports Pollyane Ultrasound assisted extraction of anthocyanins and total phenolic compounds in sloe berry (Prunus spinosa)
80 1165 Ports Pollyane Ultrasound assisted extraction of anthocyanins in bacaba (Oenocarpus bacaba)
81 470 Priecina Liga Dehydration and thermal process effect on organic acids, phenolic compounds and total carotenoids in celery roots
82 226 Purohit Soumya Ranjan Modelling of moisture sorption isotherm of raw and pre-gelatinized rice flour
83 558 QING LIU Optimization of extraction conditions of mountain ginseng root cultures for maximum extract yield and anti-oxidative activity
84 776 Quintero Ortiz Monica Characterization of key compounds in the aroma coffee recovering process
85 1009 Raharjo Sri Physicochemical stability and bioaccessibility of β-carotene loaded tropical oils-microemulsion using an in vitro digestion model
86 1259 Ramírez López Santiago Characterization of Andean grains flour and biodegradable films
87 227 Rapeanu Gabriela Thermal stability of anthocyanins from red plums (Prunus domestica)
88 922 Rauh Cornelia Food science and technology: a multiscale research
89 550 Reineke Kai Micronized powders – New form and function for coloring foods
90 1316 Ren Feiyue Effect of blanching pre-treatments on total phenolics and flavonoids contents of hot air and freeze dried onion slices
93 506 Rios Alessandro Effect of post-harvest UV-B irradiation on lycopene in tomato fruits
94 605 Rios Alessandro Ultraviolet-visible light stability of nanoencapsulated carotenoids
95 699 Rios Alessandro A comparative study of PHB and PLA / PLGA use as a polymeric matrix to prepare nanoemulsions rich in β-carotene
96 509 Rios Alessandro Enzymatic extraction of total monomeric anthocyanins pigments by the pH-differential method in Ives skin grape
97 606 Rios Alessandro Sensory evaluation of chocolate powder packed in chia mucilage edible film sachet
98 697 Rios Alessandro Encapsulation of norbixin with different wall materials by spray-drying
99 693 Rios Alessandro Effect of addition of gelatin capsule waste in water-related properties of corn starch films
100 696 Rios Alessandro Effect of the addition of lycopene in the water vapor permeability of biodegradable cassava starch films
101 694 Rios Alessandro Effect of anthocyanins addition on the mechanical properties of starch-maltodextrin biodegradable films
102 692 Rios Alessandro Hydroethanolic extraction of bioactive compounds from açaí (Euterpe oleracea) genotypes
103 607 Rios Alessandro Influence of the addition of blueberry wastes fiber in water vapor permeability and antioxidant activity of gelatin capsule films
104 700 Rios Alessandro Tomato waste use in the preparation of fresh spaghetti: nutritional and technological aspects
105 698 Rios Alessandro Red rice flour/starch films plasticized with citric acid: water content, swelling and water solubility properties
106 508 Rios Alessandro Mineral content of black and red rice bran
107 1084 Rios Alessandro Anthocyanin-enriched apple fruits following post-harvest UV-B treatment
108 695 Rios Alessandro Stability of lycopene–loaded lipid-core nanocapsules during photosensitization
109 775 Rios Alessandro β-carotene content in different species of passion fruit pulp
110 503 Rios Alessandro Effect of citric acid on the water related properties of gelatin-based films
111 1068 Rios Raquel Thermal analysis of chitin, chitosan and N-succinyl-chitosan from Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) by differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)
112 1069 Rios Raquel Structural presentation of cakes varying fat system
113 1256 Sakyi-Dawson Esther Influence of Pasting Characteristics of Selected Locally Grown Ghanaian Rice Cultivars on Textural Characteristics of a Traditional Ghanaian Steamed Snack Bread (Aboloo)
114 641 Sangpring Yada Effect of mechanical stress on the state of flour/water systems during mixing
116 817 Sawabe Akiyoshi Evaluation of the alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity of flavanone glycosides and flavones containing C-C bound saccharide in Citrus fruit peels
117 570 Schluter Dr. Oliver Cold atmospheric pressure plasma: An innovative tool for the decontamination and modification of insect-based high-protein products
118 584 Schmidt Christian Anaylsis of enzymatically generated Lactulose and byproduct saccharides: Development, optimization and validation of a HPLC-ELSD method
119 1045 Schoeman Letitia Effect of roasting on the microstructure of whole maize kernels using X-ray micro-computed tomography (μCT)
120 16 Schröder Anja Collaborative effects of lipid and protein oxidation on the physical stability of food emulsions.
121 943 Segura Luis A. The effect of low-pressure cold plasma treatment on apples surface inoculated with Escherichia coli and Listeria innocua: Inactivation curves and contact angle.
122 469 SENSOY Ilkay Changes in health promoting components after artichoke leaf powder addition and extrusion in the extrudates
123 290 SEO JI-HYUN Inactivation Mechanisms of Food Borne Microorganisms Treated by Intense Pulsed Light
124 1079 Sharma Nitya Moisture dependent physical properties of Foxtail Millet
125 824 Shen Szu-Chuan Study on the stability of taurine in ethanolic solutions
126 260 Shin Jung-Ke A Study of Salty Enhancing Effect in Korean Foods Using Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Anchovy Protein
128 84 SINGH ANUPAMA RSM As a Tool For Enhancement of Nutritive Value of Finger Millet & Amaranthus Based Composite Flour
129 1250 Singh Rakesh Peanut blanching in a pilot-scale radiant wall oven
130 1075 Smyth Conor Studies on shelf-life extension of cod (Gadus morhua) using clean label ingredients
131 1436 Son Eun Yeong Development of analytical method to determine aldehydes in makgeolli, Korean traditional alcoholic beverages
132 128 Song Kyung-Bin Application of gelatin film and coating prepared from Alaska pollock by-product to ‘Kyoho’ grape berries
133 129 Song Kyung-Bin Preparation and characterization of starfish gelatin films and its application in the packaging of crab stick
134 993 Song Kyung-Bin A Combined Treatment of Fumaric Acid with Mild Heat Inactivates the Microorganisms Inoculated on Spinach
135 844 Sousa Rita Evaluation of Novel Bitter Cassava Films for Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaging (EMAP) of Cherry Tomatoes
136 116 Soyer Ayla Effect of plant extracts on quality parameters of mackerel (Scomber scombrus) fillets during refrigerated storage
137 87 Soyer Ayla Effect of dipping into chitosan solutions on microbial quality of modified atmosphere packed frankfurters during cold storage
138 438 Sung Jung Min Quality Characteristics and Optimization of Spinach Pesto
 by Response Surface Methodology
139 437 Sung Jung Min Characteristics of Quality and Sensory on Steamed Rice Bread by Different Milling Degrees
140 416 Suzuki Taisuke Investigation of flavor compounds affecting the sensory characteristics of a Lactobacillus-fermented milk beverage during refrigerated storage
141 93 Takahashi Kigen A new potential of organic salts as non-protein protease inhibitors for improvement of thermal gelation properties of red tilefish mince
142 157 Tan Juzhong Determination of Chocolate Melting Properties by Gap and Capacitance Based Thermal Analysis (CTA)
143 156 Tan Juzhong Determination of Boiled Candies Glass Transition Temperature by Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Capacitor Based Thermal Analysis (CTA)
144 1150 Taoukis Petros A pilot scale study of the application of High Pressure and enzymatic treatment of milk with transglutaminase in yoghurt production
145 1083 Taoukis Petros Application of Osmotic Dehydration to Improve the Quality of Dried Goji Berry
146 1056 Taoukis Petros Effect of Pulsed Electric Fields on the drying process of sweet potato
147 689 Thongrak Phakwan Product  Development of Thai Sweet Potatoes
148 660 Toledo Nataly Maria Viva de Partial replacement of animal fat by canola oil and pineapple byproduct in beef burger: effects on lipid composition and oxidative stability
149 1134 Tsai Wen-che Developing a sensitive immunomagnetic bead assay for the detection of major peanut allergen Ara h 1 from peanut oil
150 800 Tsai Wen-che Developing a sandwich ELISA for the quantification of major mango allergen using anti-Man i 1 epitope antibody
151 1267 Urra Catherine Nano-encapsulation of bioactive compounds from seed of the agroindustry from avocado in Chile (Persea americana), in gelatin nanospheres by nano spray dryer
152 358 Valle Costa Silva Juliana Physicochemical changes and interactions in reconstituted milk protein ingredients during processing for structure design of new dairy products
153 982 van der Veer Frank Determining enzyme selectivity of trypsin & plasmin & on apo-α-lactalbumin and β-casein
154 384 Van Rooyen Lauren-Anne The effect of pre-treatment regimes to enhance meat quality on vacuum packaged beef steaks
155 95 Van Wyk Sanelle Modelling the High Pressure Processing Inactivation of Brettanomyces bruxellensis in Wine
156 178 Van Wyk Sanelle Quality of Wine Treated by High Pressure Processing, Pulsed Electric Fields and Power Ultrasound
157 117 Vatanasuchart Nednapis Lutein and zeaxanthin contents in some raw and processed vegetables as a healthy choice for protecting the age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
158 707 Viana Ramos Andresa Using dimensionless analysis to describe the permeability of perforated packaging films
159 708 Viana Ramos Andresa Effect of Stacking During Storage on the Permeability of Perforated Packaging Films
160 794 Victorio Verônica Ultra-Definition Multiplex Acquisition (UDMSE) improved wheat flour proteins characterization
161 351 Villarino Casiana Blanca Varietal screening of Australian sweet lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) for breadmaking using principal component analysis
163 647 Wang Wenjun Ultrasound-assisted heating extraction of pectin from grapefruit peel and comparison with the conventional method
164 169 Watanabe Yoshiyuki Effect of freezing and thawing processes on stability of O/W emulsion with flavor component
165 349 Weiss Dietmar A systematic approach to integrating emotional parameters in product development with a new variant of kansei engineering to enable affective product design of foods
166 1147 Wiacek Claudia Pulsed light treatment of Salmonella and Yersinia inoculated pork skin and meat
167 981 Williner María Rosa Saturated fatty acid and trans fatty acid in rice wafers covered with chocolate. Compliance with Argentinian legislation.
168 123 Wong Chen Wai Enzymatic processing and spray drying of Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) powder
169 1448 Wong Adeline Ik Chian The Influence of Disease Occurrence on Food and Diet-related Attitudes
170 807 Wongsa Prinya NMR-based metabolite fingerprinting and multivariate analysis of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
171 808 Wongsa Prinya Characterization and Quantification of Anthocyanins in Thai colored rice          
(Oryza sativa L.) by using UHPLC-QqQ-MS/MS
172 802 Wu Ziyun Discovery of anti-aging factors from nutrients and phytochemicals from edible plants guided by a high throughput screening assay based on yeast chronological lifespan
173 1518 Wu Shaowei Effects of ultrasonic treatment on structure and bioactivities of the purified bioactive polysaccharide from Abrus cantoniensis
174 1153 Xanthakis Epameinondas Microwave Assisted Blanching and Novel Freezing Methods of Fruits
175 1420 Xiong Youling Remarkable surface property enhancement of legume proteins with irreversibly altered tertiary and quaternary structures via protonation and deprotonation
176 285 Yamaguchi Akihiro Enrichment of the taste of Aronia melanocarpa through citric fermentation with Aspergillus awamori
177 286 Yamaguchi Akihiro Microbial diversity and functional assessments on white bamboo
178 941 YILDIRIM ASLI Changes in Olive Oil Composition During Malaxation
179 1244 Yildiz Semanur Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)  Processing for Microbial Safety of Strawberry Juice
180 1141 Yin Hsin-Yi Developing a sandwich ELISA for detecting the major kiwi allergen- Act d 5
181 433 Youn Kwang-sup Effect of Roasting Conditions on Quality Characteristics of Aromatic Brown Rice Tea
182 431 Youn Kwang-sup Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Acceptance of Aromatic Rice Cultivars Among Korean and South-East Asian Consumers
183 535 Yu Peigen Development of a partial least squares-artificial neural network (PLS-ANN) hybrid model for the prediction of consumer liking scores of ready-to-drink green tea beverages
184 865 Yun Sang-soon Analytical method for naturally occurring preservatives in cereals
185 633 Yusof Noor Effects of Impregnating Selected Substances on Metabolic Heat Output of Baby Spinach Leaves as Measured by Isothermal Calorimetry
187 730 Zainal Abedin Nur Hanani Characterization of k-Carrageenan-based Films with Different Oils
188 403 Zapata Montoya José Edgar Sensorial and physicochemical effect of sodium reduction on blends with salty taste
189 376 Zecchi Berta Modeling osmotic dehydration of tomatoes: Effective diffusion coefficients determination
190 179 Zhang Guang The Influence Assessment on Composition Extraction rate of Inonotus obliquus by Extrusion
191 532 Zhang Jun Long The evolution of protein structure and water distribution of meat batter under various phase transition temperature
192 1258 Zhang Zhihang Evaluation of NaCl diffusion coefficients during ultrasound assisted curing of pork loin under different ultrasonic conditions
193 124 ZHAO LI Sensory and microbiological quantity evaluation of fried fish cakes using an electronic nose
194 926 Zhou Wei Duan Effect of Vacuum Pre-cooling Treatment on Storage
Quality of Mango
195 974 Zúñiga Pamela Ohmic heating/vacuum treatments and cooled storage effect on polyphenols retention of osmodehydrated apples (cv. Fuji).
196 1279 Zuniga-Hansen Maria Elvira Effect of Solvent Concentration in the Extraction of Polyphenol Compounds from Artichoke Agro-Industrial Discards

Food Supply Chain and Distribution Systems

Board#Paper#SurnameFirstnamePoster Title
197 528 Alam S. M. Nazmul Safeguarding Safety and quality in shrimp distribution channel
198 980 Ariffin Siti Hajar Leaf Injuries and their Effects towards Shelf Life and Quality of Spinach
199 1074 Chung Hyeseung Production of Bacterial Cellulose from Various Fruit Juices with Acetate Buffer
200 790 El-Nemr Israa Assessment of Food Safety Practices in the Major Produce Market in Doha, Qatar
201 838 Franca Adriana Discrimination of coffees from different geographical origins by fluorescence spectroscopy
202 957 Gómez-Limia Lucía Proximal composition of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla)
203 890 Hwang In Min Mineral Characteristics Analysis of South Korea and China Cabbage Kimchi by ICP-MS and ICP-OES
204 1471 Ireland Mary An investigation into the impact of corrugated case base design on box compression strength
205 1473 Ireland Mary An investigation of factors affecting the respiration rate of mushrooms
206 1468 Ireland Mary Investigation into the viability of Reusing Die Cut Cases for supply of carton board from a Packaging Converter to a Packer Filler
207 666 Joshi Kompal Predicting Quality attributes of Strawberry packed under Modified Atmosphere throughout the Cold Chain
208 1221 Jung Heeyong Changes in colour and enzymatic activities involved in the browning of the ‘Dejima’ potato after storage and minimal processing
209 426 Kim Byeong-Sam Extending storability of ginger by nano vapor humidification
210 1222 NARAIN NARENDRA Bioproduction of aroma compounds using side-stream of soursop fruit
211 1227 Nunes Maria Lúcia Evaluation of aromatic and sensory potential of isolated yeasts from Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis)
212 515 Porcu Ornella Comparing Quality Nutrition of Commercial Fruit Flours
213 1174 Ramalhosa Elsa Pão Transmontano: the use of physicochemical characterization and chemometrics in order to achieve the PGI certification
214 904 Reid Rachael The microbiology of beef carcasses during chilling
215 1493 Rezaei Shabnam An investigation of the effect of storage temperature on proteolysis, sensory and textural properties of traditional tin-packed Lighvan sheep’s yogurt
216 183 Sanz Pedro D. Impact of Magnetic Freezing in the physicochemical and functional properties of Egg White and Yolk
217 920 Taoukis Petros TTI smart labels for monitoring histamine formation in seafood
218 1378 Zhang Yinglei The Research on Vinegar Beverage Made of Germinated Black Rice and Black Soybean(Glycinemax(L.)merr)
219 453 Zhou Xiujuan Differentially Characteristic Analysis in Expression and Function of two Homologous Salmonella Serogroup C1 Specific Genes