IUFOST Conference Oral Presentation Guidelines

The abstract, as outlined in your author notification email, has been accepted into the IUFOST Conference Programme as an oral presentation. You will also have been informed of the time and date of your presentation.

On the day you are due to present, please go to the speaker preview room to submit your presentation. If you need directions to the speaker preview room please ask a volunteer or a member of staff at the registration desk.


Presentation Guidelines:


  • Length of presentation

    • The length of your presentation type will depend on your registration type.

      • Keynote Speaker – 45 mins

      • Lead Speaker – 25 mins

      • Oral Presentation – 15 mins

      • Flash Presentation – 15 mins

  • The length given will include time for questions, and so if you want questions, we suggest that you allow for five minutes within the time given you.

  • All visuals must use PowerPoint. We will not have facilities for slides, overhead projections, etc.

  • For best results please format your slides in 16:9 ratio or widescreen format.

  • You must provide your visuals on a USB key. 

  • It is not possible to use one’s own computer for presentations.

  • MAC users should please make sure in advance that their PPT will work with a PC computer.

  • If you are using movies and/or audio, the files for those must be on the USB key and you must set up the PPT to look into the same directory as the PPT to access that additional information.

  • Please adhere to the general “rule” of no more than one slide per minute of your talk.

  • Please set up your slides so that they can be seen clearly in the room. We suggest:

    • Large font

    • Pictures that use maximum use of the space on the slide rather than having a slide that has a small image surrounded by very large background.

    • Have high contrast between the font and the background

    • If you are not sure how to do the best PPT presentation, do a search on Google for “PowerPoint Presentations” and you will find numerous links that give excellent advice.